50 Best 15×15 Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

When you get a new residence and the kitchen in it you should think about its size. The owners of kitchen 15×15 have a very large area so can choose various styles and the layout for the kitchen. You are welcome to use our attractive ideas how to make your design of 15×15 kitchen.

Different styles

It is probable today to create kitchen of different style you like. High-tech style of the modern metropolis is very different from Country or Classics for example. The main attribute in the design of high-tech is the home appliances of the latest models. It is a particular feature of this style. Technique is emphasized and placed in the most functional way. But because of improved models of home appliances, high-tech style is strongly influenced by fashion. So, it is the most variable style that requires considerable financial investment. Color solution in the style of hi-tech has clear rules — it must be presented by dominant bright color (red, blue, yellow, green) and contrasted by neutral (gray, steel, black, white, gold).

Proper planning

If your kitchen has a sufficiently huge area a parallel arrangement would be perfect for 15×15 kitchen design. Typically there is a cooker and a sink on one side, and a refrigerator, home appliances and other storage cupboards on the other. Among the disadvantages of a parallel plan may be the impossibility of installing a dining table in the middle of the room, but if your kitchen is really big area, there is no such problem.

Choosing furniture

If your kitchen space allows having a separate dining area it would be logical to install a dining place in the 15×15 kitchen space. The choice of dining set also depends on the amount of time you would like to carry out for a meal. If there are chairs with back and soft seats, you will stay at the table longer than usually, while hard stools or chairs will help to reduce the time for a meal. It is obvious that most of the furniture in the kitchen and set will depend from the whole color palette of the kitchen. If the kitchen is located on the shady side of the building, the designers recommend the use of bright colors for the facades of the kitchen units. Sunlit kitchen can be performed in dark, deep colors. But in this case, you should avoid using glossy surfaces because they can spoil the whole look of your furniture ensemble.

Color palette

The variety of kitchen color depends on how you would like to see your 15×15 kitchen design. It can be peaceful or energizing, soothing or showy, bright or neat. Light blue and blue have a calming effect on the psyche and reduce the appetite. Many people are fond of the blue color on the walls in the kitchen, and if you think about what color to paint the kitchen, possibly blue is the best choice, because it goes well with the basic colors like white, beige and gray, and fits under almost any design. Blue is one of the most active and spectacular colors, which is particularly looks wonderful in a Classical kitchen or in the Loft-style, High-tech and Provence. The blue color is unobtrusive, so you can use it as accent for a long time, for example furniture, curtains, tableware, decor in shades of turquoise, different colors of «Tiffany» or other pastel shades of blue will fresh the interior of light green, light yellow, beige and white kitchen.


Unusual lighting in the 15×15 kitchen design cheers up and surprises your guests. For example, it can be lamp from cans or bottles, which you can do yourself. Also it is interesting to use lamps in the forms of industrial floodlights, open multicolored wires, glowing cookware or other delightfully crazy design ideas. LED lights do not spend a lot of energy, but allow you to mark the kitchen cupboards, kitchen apron or registration details. Decorative multi-colored lighting, which uses LED strip, can create the effect of floating in the air. The LEDs can be placed even inside kitchen drawers.

50 Best 15×15 Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

If you don’t have any ideas of design for 15×15 kitchen you can take ours! Look attentively at our photos ideas and choose some variant for you!