Antique cabinets for kitchen

Most often the idea to make the kitchen «antique» visits the owners, when they in inheritance get perfectly remained rare table, buffet or a beautiful service, which is simply a «sin» to hide behind the facade of modern furniture. If your granny willingly marched in step with the times and this «rich» heritage didn’t left, you will have to work hard to satisfy your retro needs. Just in case, check the attic at country house (preferably grandmothers): you don’t even know how much there is stored treasures! Look in antique shops, «hang out» in online communities, bargain on online auctions, walk to a flea market. Be persistent! You know, the one who searches always finds!

Kitchen cabinets in retro style

choose antique cabinets for kitchen

If luck is on your side, for real pennies you will be able to collect a complete set of all necessary furniture. The reason for pleasure undoubtedly is, but don’t hurry to rejoice! Produced «treasure» you need to lick into shape that is to titivate and update, in order to achieve a stylish and eye-catching look. Otherwise the kitchen will look like a cheesy flea market, full of old-fashioned furniture. The easiest way is to trust such important mission to the professional restorer, who will do everything in the best possible way. However, the cost of such work will not be cheap. To save money, you will have to sand and paint lockers with your own hands or by the hands of your beloved husband and son.

Furniture rarities in the interior of retro kitchen

choose antique cabinets for kitchen

The second option is not to fool your head by searching and restoring the rarities, and buy new furniture, stylized retro. Modern furniture in retro style is not cheap, but it is more practical and functional: it is made of lightweight, durable and easy-care materials, equipped with comfortable furniture and innovative storage systems. For example, in the budget version of the retro, so popular in the 19th century, high-quality furniture made from solid wood, thanks to modern technology, you can replace with kitchen set made of MDF with PVC coating. For flair antiquity you can use MDF with a patina effect. Externally such set will be the full copy of the old, but will be cheaper than the original, and will weight less.

Modern furniture for kitchen in retro style

choose antique cabinets for kitchen

If in the assortment of furniture stores there is no ready set, fully fit into your concept retro kitchen, you can always make furniture to order absolutely of any shape and style. It is even more interesting, as you will have the unique opportunity to invent and develop design of your own kitchen taking into account individual decorative and purely practical preferences.