Brown Kitchen Design Ideas

Undoubtedly, such a frequent reference to the brown color in kitchen design testifies to its obvious advantages.

Brown kitchen design ideas

Let’s discuss these ideas.


The brown color appears to find its followers among people of different ages. It is ideal for creation classical interiors, perfectly fit kitchen design in ethnic style, and when supported with relevant accessories is welcome even in high-tech.


It is much easier to keep tidy a kitchen accomplished in brown nonstainable shades than a room in newfangled white with lots of glossy surfaces and metallic accessories.

Brown kitchen design ideas

The richness of the color palette

The classical brown color, which some people may consider boring, actually has a great number of beautiful natural shades. Beige and caramel, hazel and sand, coffee and chocolate, chestnut and almost black wenge, and here are not all the variants of noble brown.

 Brown kitchen design ideas


Being neutral, brown doesn’t draw the eye; it combines perfectly with various shades and accessories. It is able to become the unifying point, helping anyone to gather all the kitchen elements in a beautiful harmony: ceiling and floor, walls and furniture, textiles and other items of decor.

brown color

Positive psychological influence

The brown color eases and soothes, gives a feeling of stability and security. It is quiet natural that such interiors are appreciated by reasonable and balanced people, and those who want to relax psychologically from their professional activities, renouncing from the hustle, bustle and bright emotions.

Brown kitchen design ideas

And here is a photo gallery, depicting brown kitchen interiors in different styles. Enjoy watching it!