Best Decorative Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Besides using the functional lighting (practical function) interior designers turn to aesthetic one for beautifying a kitchen and creating a special atmosphere or setting a good mood. Various decorative elements of furniture, columns, carving, engraving and what not may be illuminated. So, look through the material and choose the idea.

The point mentioned is the most popular one for a classical design.

decorative lighting for kitchen image

LED lines along the bottom of wall hanging cupboards or edges of a tabletop occur to be a striking decorative element for your kitchen. Another interesting variant is aesthetic illumination of cupboards with glass fronts by EL diodes or point halogen lamps, suitable for any style. Be sure, it beautifies your kitchen and makes the space more comfortable for usage. One more necessary thing is torches inside cupboards providing an easy search for appliances without turning on the general lighting.

decorative lighting for kitchen photo

LED strips, neon tubes of different colors, enlarged luminous tubes or rope light are used for aesthetic purposes. It is easier to mount such lamps with the suspended tray ceiling, inside or outside as well. The most exciting effect here is that you can’t see the very item but only its light, as the devices are placed between level boundaries.

decorative lighting

Decorative floor illumination makes a kitchen glamorous and natty. But don’t save money choosing cheap torches. They should be of high durability and firmness to be appropriate not only for you in slippers, but also resistant to damaging by dropped plates, pans or other unexpected things. This function is easily carried out by damage-proof LEDs or spotlights with thick protective glass. For example, you may floor ceramic tile with built-in LEDs. But know when to stop; it is your kitchen but not a nightclub.

The following photo ideas may help you to find the very best item for your interior: