Designer’s kitchen lighting ideas

Special designer’s lamps are sure to match any kitchen, being an excellent additional item for an interior. You may use creative lighting sets in a shape of wine bottles, upside-down cups, fruit and vegetables, lamp shades of forks and spoons, chandeliers and wall luminaires in the form of spit-polished vintage sowbelly kettles.

Designer’s kitchen lamps are a sign of owners’ unique and delicate taste. But you should carefully think over the interior, with an eye to these extraordinary objects matching it. Enjoy watching photo lighting ideas given below.

A dining table will be perfectly illuminated by the lamps with shades placed over it.

lamp dinning zone

If your kitchen is spacious, use various special items for general and local illumination.

kitchen illumination

Your furniture being issued in dark colors, make the work space more comfortable with recessed lighting fixtures.

lighting of work space

And here is another idea of work space lamps, beautifying the kitchen, if general illumination is off.

general illumination

Usage of LED lamps in that case is sure to be effective and money-saving.

photodiode lamps

Isn’t it original to mount mirror-like lights giving a stylish and extraordinary look to your kitchen?

Mirror lights

And what do you think about lamps of unusual form for illuminating and decorating the dining zone?

lamps of unusual form

Modern illuminating technologies give designers a great variety of choices.

Modern illuminating

Things of unusual design are known to create a special atmosphere and set a good mood.

Kitchen lamps of unusual design

Extraordinary thematic lamps for kitchen are also of great popularity.

thematic lamps for kitchen

An elegant lamp is a main element of the décor in this simple interior.

Elegant lamp

And this picture shows us a good choice of light devices for a dining zone and for general illumination as well.

light devices for dining zone

Original droplights for kitchen: find your best variant in this variety of ideas, forms and colors.

droplights for kitchen

And these lovely bright lamps can’t but draw the eye.

lovely bright lamps

Droplights for dining-table, occurring to be in a contrast with the rest of the items, are stylish and elegant.

Droplights for dining-table

This designer’s lamp has a rich and magic look.
designer's lighting idea

Such high-tech lamps provide you with calm and concentrated light.

Lamps for interior in high-tech style

As for this variant, it must draw anyone’s attention, but, surely, not suitable for all the interior designs.

lamp for kitchen photo

And if you want to create your own unique kitchen lamp, watch this video: