Kitchen Glass Tables: photos and ideas

Do you like kitchen glass tables? The designers do! That is why we decided to offer you a special collection of photo ideas, concerning the item mentioned.

Glass furniture matches any design style perfectly. No matter what interior you have got: minimal, hi-tech or classical one. Such kitchen sets are always luxurious and stylish. Besides, this material has a few special characteristics, being the best variant for a small flat. So a glass dining-table in the kitchen or in the drawing room is one of the popular designers’ means to enlarge the area of the room optically and to simplify overloaded interior design. Judge by yourself, we see only outlined round or square shape (which allows us to see the whole room) instead of a heavy wooden tabletop in the dining zone. Besides, glass surface is good for reflecting light. Such reflection makes room airy and spacious.

Glass dining-table is not only a lovely and stylish furniture item, which is good for small rooms. It must attract you with its firmness, durability, and water and high-temperature resistance as well. Modern models are made of strained glass. Such tabletop is not to be cracked even if somebody drops a bottle of champagne on it (anyway, its manufacturers assure us to be so). Though, such surface may be exposed to scratches (as any surface) while using, so it’s better to take care of it.

So enjoy watching the selection of topical photos: