The kitchen location up to Feng Shui

If you are planning to build your own house or choose apartment, you should pay attention to the kitchen location in the house in order to subsequently it wasn’t necessary to resort to various tricks or cardinal re-planning. In the kitchen dominates the element Fire, so according to Feng Shui, it is optimal to place kitchen in the Southern or South-Eastern part of the house. The worst is in the North direction. Kitchen is a special room with a specific energy, which should be isolated from the living rooms. The best option is to locate kitchen in the back of the house.

From the Feng Shui point of view the central placement of kitchen and popular now Studio layout, combining the kitchen with living room, dining room and sometimes with hall is absolutely unacceptable. Such location is fraught of family quarrels and conflicts. If you don’t want to refuse from kitchen Studio, then take care of proper space zoning with decorative partitions, screens, floor covering and color scheme and mostly important to install over the stove powerful extension in order to through the apartment wouldn’t extend smells of preparing food.

feng shui kitchen

It is not recommended to place kitchen in front of the house, especially at the entrance. Food is a symbol of wealth, which admitted to accumulate and cherish, and not leave at the doorstep, where it can easily be lost. The fear of losing wealth is the path to greed, which can appear in a specific way even at the physiological level: the inhabitants of the house will always overeat, that will lead to health problems, figure, working capacity and other parts of the life chain. Moreover, placing the kitchen at the entrance, don’t be surprised if your guests will be eager to leave the house immediately after a meal.

Next to the kitchen, if space allows, it is desirable to arrange the dining room. But the bathroom or toilet, located in close proximity to a kitchen or above it is a sample of bad Feng Shui. Active energy of water will not allow the wealth to stay in your home, taking it away. Don’t be surprised if at such planning, the money will «escape» through fingers like water. That is the law! «Dura lex, sed lex» as said the ancient Romans.

feng shui kitchen

The entrance to the kitchen in any case mustn’t be opposite the front door. This location makes the kitchen vulnerable and defenseless before the energies coming into the house from outside through the front door. Not always these energies are positive. How often we come home tired and irritated, or on the verge appears an unexpected guest, whose arrival we aren’t glad, beggars, annoying neighbors, bed messenger or simply unfamiliar strangers, whose intentions and thoughts to us aren’t known. And why at once allow them in to the kitchen. For their reception there are more suitable premises in the house. Besides, placing the kitchen in front of the door, the owners of the house may have problems with digestive system. If the redevelopment is not possible, keep the door to the kitchen closed, hang in the doorway beaded curtains or distract attention from the kitchen by exotic plant, beautiful painting, vase, figurine or any other eye-catching decorative element, which is surely attract the attention of entering to the house people.

To any unfavorable house planning, from an energetic point of view, will help the crystals or wind chimes, suspended above the kitchen door.