What color of wallpapers is most suitable for kitchen?

If your kitchen is sorely lack of sunlight, for walls it is advisable to choose shades of warm palette: orange, yellow, gold, beige, cream etc. even if the kitchen window looking to the North and the sun rarely looks inside, shades of orange and yellow will help to create a warm, cheerful, Sunny atmosphere. When excess sunlight is better to abandon too bright and saturated colors that are in warm rays will be even more intense and more importunately, and, in addition, can change its color. The ideal solution will become soft, muted, subtle shades of warm range: apricot, peach, salmon, pumpkin, wheat, amber, coral, chamois, natural off-white canvas, the color of champagne and saffron.

Extravagant red color kitchens look spectacular and original, but pretty quickly «stale» and begin to act on the nerves, causing irritation and sometimes inexplicable outbursts of aggression. At the same time shades of red stimulate the appetite and create a warm home environment, so for a harmonious interior of the kitchen will be suitable soft and non-aggressive colors: coral, terracotta, tomato, cherry, claret, garnet and amaranth. Deciding to make the kitchen in the cold range, don’t forget to add a pair of red accents that will make the room more cozy and stylish.

choose wallpaper color

Blue has a calming effect on the nervous system and the psyche, but a comfort and warmth to kitchen it doesn’t add. If the kitchen windows face the South, and the room literally drenched in sunlight, for the walls can be safely used even rich deep shade of blue, which will give coolness and, in good light, will not look gloomy. However, more often for kitchen choose pale blue tones.

choose wallpaper color

Green color is pleasing to the eye and soul, because it subconsciously associated with nature. For kitchen design, it is desirable to choose warm shades of green, which will give family members the harmony, peace and serenity. This can include pistachio, lime, olive, mossy, chartreuse, color of lime and pear.

choose wallpaper color

White is a universal color. It will look great in any style, from classic to hi-tech. Doesn’t concede to the white grey color that goes well with almost all colors of the spectrum and serves as an excellent background. Due to its unique compatibility and diversity of shades the grey color is one of the most favorite designers’ colors. Pure grey room looks too boring, so in the design of the kitchen neutral and calm grey color is better to combine with other colors.

To better understand how comfortable you will feel with selected color of the walls, you can make a small test. Take scraps of old wall-paper, cardboard or sheets of white paper and apply on them paint of the appropriate color, hang on the walls of the kitchen and in a few days, and listen to your feelings.