What kind of aquarium to choose for kitchen

For kitchen interior aquarium is certainly unexpected decision, but if you like the idea of a living decor, and if you want to realize it, you can always find ways to make it a reality. We can use the aquarium in the design of the kitchen in different ways. One of the most convenient solutions is to build an aquarium in the wall of the kitchen or to integrate it into the structure of the functional kitchen unit. In the design of the spacious ultra-modern kitchen will look great kitchen island with base form of a large aquarium. If there is a bar in your kitchen an aquarium can be built directly into the base of the bar or use it as a scenic background. You need not to buy a huge aquarium to create an exclusive and stylish kitchen interior design.

Detached aquariums

The main advantage of a detached aquarium is its high mobility and simplicity in service. You can place such aquarium on a special stand or directly on the floor. Stand in the form of table is very convenient for placing here fish food and all necessary aquarium accessories for maintenance and care. The form of a detached aquarium can be very diverse, ranging from standard circle or rectangular, to the fantasy unusual and irregular forms. The curvature of the glass may repeat the curves of the furniture or walls, and the original design of the stand and the lamp will make the aquarium a bright accent of interior. Beautiful wall decoration may be the aquarium picture, the size of which can be selected individually.


Built-in aquariums

Built-in type aquariums can serve as part of the interior wall, mounted in a recess or directly into the furniture. The depth of such aquariums, as a rule, is not more than 35 cm, while the length can reach 3 meters. To create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in the room, you needn’t to populate the aquarium with fish, it is enough to simulate a rocky seabed with sea pebbles, add shells, stars and sprigs of Elodea. Aquarium with this content requires minimum care. Built-in wall aquarium will look great in the Studio layout on the border of the kitchen and living room.

choose aquarium for kitchen

The reservoir in this case make transparent with two or even three sides. If in this aquarium you will want to have fish, you should choose such species of fish as carps or atherinidae, which are renowned for their resistance to stress, and therefore will not hide from the passing by people. For easy change of water, over the aquarium should be free space of not less than half the height of the built-in aquarium. Hide this place you can with removable decorative panel.