10 reasons to like a country style kitchen

  • With time a country style kitchen becomes only better. The reason is old age and abrasion create the country style.
  • Wooden surfaces create comfort and warmth. Wood is a «must have» of every kitchen. Wooden surfaces bring the interior of a kitchen closer to nature and village life.
  • Country style kitchens provoke different emotions and associations. Ask different people what they think about your kitchen and you will surprise about what you will hear.
  • A country kitchen is a combination of various colors. A country style kitchen has got only one demand – it must not look boring and unvaried.
  • A country style kitchen has got its character. If you have a new house and your renovation is over but you want village comfort – it is not a problem. Use different knick-knacks – wooden statues, animals, old wall clock. They make the village atmosphere in your kitchen.
  • You can see everything.  The most of shelves and cupboards must be open. Pottery and ornament dishes are very appropriate.  Spicery, a stack of plates, your granny’s tea set are also very good decors for your kitchen.
  • Country style kitchens perfectly fit for family meetings. If your family like long tea parties and family meals – you obviously need to make this room comfortable for all the members.
  • A country kitchen is the place for your soul. In such a kitchen the main idea is to rest but not to just eat.
  • Natural materials. Change oilcloth into tablecloth, change plastic plates into clay or china porcelain plates and you will see how fast Nutella and biscuits will change into home-made pies.
  • A country style kitchen is a breath of fresh air in a city apartment. Green ornaments not only decorate surfaces – they also give the illusion of spring in your house even if it is winter now.

country style kitchen


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