11×8 Kitchen Design Ideas 2019

When you get a new dwelling or just want to make something original on the kitchen you should think about its size. The owners of kitchen 11×8 can start by choosing an idea and style. This case needs all your rationality and attention — it is not easy to find out the layout of the kitchen. Please choose some fascinating ideas how to make your design of your kitchen and our tips and photos will help you.

Different styles

It is possible in our days to construct kitchen of different style you like. Some styles are rather trendy at the moment, others are out of fashion. Designers, stylists, producers of furniture and household appliances have expanded the design range for the kitchen interior. Classical, Modern, Country, Retro, High-tech, Scandinavian, Victorian, Eclectic, Minimalism, Provence, Loft, Colonial — this is not a full list of styles for the 11×8 kitchen design.

Proper planning

The general image of your kitchen 11×8 will depends on the way in which your furniture, appliances and work surfaces will be built. The kitchen planning means a linear, angular, or two-row layout of the kitchen set with the kitchen island in the centre. This island can be as simple work surface with a stove or sink (or without them), as a place for having meal. Two-row planning involves placing the two parts of the kitchen set in parallel. To plan the kitchen in this way, it should be about 2.3-3 meters, so it is the perfect solution for rectangular, narrow or elongated kitchen.

Corner kitchen is more rational and universal planning solution and especially is suitable for square kitchen. To place sink, stove, or work surface in the corner of the kitchen, choose furniture with trapezoidal corner cupboard. A satisfactory number of square meters does not impose restrictions on the choice of kitchen set. It will depend mainly on the amount of kitchen items and appliances that you need to build in the kitchen space. So there are several types of planning kitchen and you can choose the most suitable.

Choosing furniture

For such a multi-functional room as kitchen, the choice of furniture is very main and responsible task. On how practical, convenient and easy kitchen space will be furnished depends the level of comfort in the kitchen. The furniture set, located in a line is a normal design solution for 11×8 kitchen nowadays. It gives the opportunity to place a sufficiently large number of storage cupboards and work surfaces. You should always remember about the «working triangle» which means the location of the stove, refrigerator and sink where the distance between the elements is not more than two steps of the hostess (owner).

Kitchen furniture is also a subject of fashion trends as clothing or shoes. According to many sellers of kitchen furniture, the most popular colors among customers and furniture stores are: white, dark walnut and cherry. Smooth glossy facades in bright colors are the most common variants for design of kitchen units. This combination looks fresh and easy, bright, glossy surfaces expand the space.

Color palette

In the kitchen of medium and large sizes, you cannot limit yourself by choosing only light palette. For example, dark kitchen is perfectly combined with the colors that are most often used for decoration kitchen interior in general: beige, cream, creamy, peach, and so on. Kitchen in red is increasingly chosen by quite extraordinary personalities. No matter to what exactly put the emphasis in the interior, the red kitchen always looks original and festive. Of course there are always many fans of white color in the decoration and design of kitchen.

This color never goes out of fashion and it is incredibly easy to combine it with other colors and shades. Besides, grey color is also considered as the most neutral decision for the kitchen area. If you do not like white kitchen, and a more bright color solutions are not for you, use various shades of gray, they are perfectly combined with each other, with shine stainless steel, wooden surfaces and snow-white walls or cupboards. It will help to create a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen space.


The lighting is at an essential part of the 11×8 kitchen design. In addition to the central lighting device, try to use the built-in lighting in a variety of surfaces, kitchen cabinets (often in the bottom of the upper shelves) and table lamps. If you are afraid of the negative impact of red in your 11×8 kitchen, use it a little. For example, as a bright spot, you can use a lamp with a red shade plus curtains of thick textile of the same tone.

Photos ideas of small kitchen’s design

If you don’t have any ideas of design for 11×8 kitchen you can take ours! Look attentively at our photos ideas and choose everything but the kitchen sink!

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