50 Best 15×20 Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

If you want to make something original on the kitchen you should think about its size. The owners of kitchen 15×20 can start by choosing different ideas and styles as they are lucky to have very huge kitchen area. Please choose some interesting ideas how to make your design of 15×20 kitchen and our tips and photos will help you.

Different styles

It is possible in our days to construct kitchen of different style you like. Classic style is fashionable at all times. It looks very good, if your kitchen is bright and spacious, with high ceilings and large windows. Classic style furniture is only wooden and has massive appearances. This kitchen looks luxurious and rich. Country style has the literal translation of the word “country”, but this does not mean that your kitchen will look the same. For this style natural materials are always used. Kitchen design is complemented by clay pots, wicker chairs. It helps to take a break from worries and problems and move to the quiet, peaceful place. So, think about what do you want most after a long working day and choose which style is closer to you.

Proper planning

The general representation of your 15×20 kitchen design will depends on the way in which your furniture, appliances and work surfaces will be chosen. The kitchen planning for such large room means a linear, angular, or two-row layout of the kitchen set with the kitchen island in the centre. A satisfactory number of square meters give you a large number of variants of kitchen set. It will depend principally on the kitchen items and appliances that you need to have in your 15×20 kitchen. So there are various types of planning kitchen and you can choose the most suitable.

Choosing furniture

The original performance of the dining ensemble won’t only diversify the furnishing the room, but also bring uniqueness to the interior of the 15×20 kitchen space. Beautiful table for the whole family and comfortable mini-chairs with soft and comfortable upholstery will transform even the most ordinary 15×20 kitchen design. But while choosing a soft stools or small chairs for the organization of a dining group it is important to remember that you’ll have to take care of upholstered furniture more often than in a separate dining room.

Color palette

If the kitchen is very spacious room, then pastel or saturated colors with warm palette will suit. Dark colors make the room smaller, avoiding the effect of emptiness and openness. Colors, absorbing space are black, dark brown, dark blue, blue-green, purple, red and orange. There are also neutral colors, which almost do not change the perception of the space, they are green, magenta, gray. Using the alternation of contrasting colors allows you to change the visual size of the kitchen. In this case, you must remember the following rules: horizontal stripes «stretch the room», creating the effect of increasing the area; vertical stripes compress the room visually «raising the roof»; small ornament visually increases room, large — reduces.


In spite of the kitchen area at least two variants of illumination should be provided: operating and general. To save energy put both variants on one switch and it is cool if it can be adjusted without rising from the table. Working lights is a light under cooking zone, countertops, sinks.

50 Best 15×20 Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

If you don’t have any ideas of design for 15×20 kitchen you can take ours! Look attentively at our photos ideas and choose any variants you like!

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