African-style Kitchen: Best Design Ideas

The African style in the interior embodies brightness and originality, energy and mystery. African motifs are sure to add some exotic note to the kitchen design.

African kitchen design idea

There is no need to use lots of figurines, masks, fangs and claws of exotic animals here. To achieve the desired effect you can only choose appropriate colors and take natural materials.

African kitchen design idea

Just read the article and use photo ideas offered or create your own special kitchen image.

African Style: Color Palette

Rich natural colors of the desert and savanna are typical of the interior mentioned. The palette includes various shades of terracotta, red, yellow, orange, brown and black. The brightness of the color depends on your preferences. Do you want intensity and contrast? Then a black-and-white interior with ethnic accents and splashes of color will suit your plan. Do you prefer bright and luscious shades? Experiment with red-yellow-orange colors, emphasizing their vivacity with black and brown accessories.

African kitchen design idea

African Interior: Materials Used

It is next to impossible to imagine an African kitchen without finishing made of natural materials or their high-rated imitation. For example, modern ceramic tile or trendy wallpapers for kitchen, successfully resembling reptiles skin, precious wood and other exotic materials.

African kitchen design idea

The best variant of flooring is ceramic-granite tiles replacing a natural stone or wooden covering with large battens. The African mood in the kitchen design may be underlined with sisal and sugarcane, bamboo, bronze and leather, natural fabrics of flax and wool.

Materials for African interior

African Style: Furniture and Decor

The furniture in the interior discussed must be wooden, deliberately rough and simple. There should be neither frills, nor complex geometric shapes. An excellent idea is wicker furniture made of rattan and bamboo.

interior in African style

A perfect African decor is wicker mats, handmade textiles, clay or wooden utensils, large floor bowls. You can use DIY «African» vases; just buy some simple-shaped wooden bowls of linden, overlay it with mordant (almost to blackness) and varnish.

African kitchen design idea

If you want to emphasize an ethnic note, you can do it by means of thematic accessories – African ritual masks, statuettes of ebony, hand-made articles of ivory or horn.

African kitchen design idea

You may also decorate a dining zone with imitation of wild African animal skin, for example, zebra or leopard. Such pattern can be used either on curtains or other kitchen accessories, like watches, decorative panels or napkins.

African kitchen design idea

Vivid textiles also give the African coloring to the interior – multicolored blankets and pillows with emphasized primitive geometric ornaments.

African kitchen design idea

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