Bar is not the cabinet!

Bar is not a piece of kitchen cabinet, as many mistakenly believe, but independent structure, which is designed and manufactured according to individual order. Having decided to get a bar for modern design of small kitchen, be prepared to run to the shops and stores in search of suitable table-top, functional racks, shelves, plinths, legs, lights, metal fittings and other accessories. Developing the concept of future rack, you must take into account the overall style of the interior of the kitchen, predominant in the decoration materials and colors.

use bar in kitchen designs

Perhaps the bar with glossy tabletop made of impact-resistant glass for a small kitchen will be the most advantageous option in terms of visual relief space. However, it will be quite good to look and any other material, texture and color suitable for furniture – wood, plastic, natural or artificial stone, metal, chipboard, glass, tile or combinations thereof. Today the most popular as a facing material for countertops is Corian – composite, resembling marble, but differing from the last considerable bigger durability. Due to the high plasticity of the material the countertop from Corian can give any form – rectangular, round, curved and polyhedral. The appropriate form will prompt the room itself and the layout of the kitchen. To complicate the bar for small kitchens excessive amount of detail and bends is not worth. The main thing is not to disturb the ergonomics of the kitchen.

Special attention should be paid to the vertical space over the bar, which can be supplemented with light shelves, original lighting and accessories. Very picturesquely will add to the interior of any kitchen the functional tree, attached to a rack, on it can be placed shot glasses, wine glasses, straws, fruit, however, in a small room it should not be too branchy.

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