English Style Kitchen Design: Characteristics and Ideas

The English style in the interior is sure to get its admirers any time. It is eternal classic, drawing everybody’s attention, respectable and impressive. All of this concerns kitchen design as well.

English kitchen design idea

English style fans occur to be a bit conservative, but always having an impeccable taste. They appreciate a combination of solidity, comfort and restrained luxury in the interior and reverence family traditions. So read the article to learn how to choose cabinets for the kitchen, which materials to take for decorating and how to accomplish your area in the style mentioned, in general. Topical photos and original ideas are included.

English kitchen design idea

Specialists are speaking of two periods in the English style formation:

  1. Georgian era is famous for modest and soft interiors, with antique grandeur, symmetry, strict lines and shapes dominated.
  2. As for Victorian age, it seems to be less austere. The color palette and decor have become richer, and the cabinets – more elegant.

The English style is multifaceted; it has absorbed both time-honored British traditions and the cultural heritage of its colonies. But despite this eclectic nature, the mentioned design approach can’t be imagined without classic elegance, symmetry, moderation, purity of line and shape. The taboo is enforced on any flashy and flamboyant idea.

English kitchen design idea

Only high quality natural materials may be used: stone, wood and metal. Here is no room for cheap imitations!

English kitchen prefers wooden items everywhere. The flooring, panels, doors, cabinets and whatnot should be made of fine wood.

english style kitchen cabinets

Though, colors may vary, only slightly muted tones are acceptable. So say “no” to excessive brightness and contrast. Another variant is pastel shades and deep colors of green, dark red and mustard. The main patterns are stripes, plaid, floral and heraldic motifs. The design specialists underline the plentitude of fabrics with luxurious texture.

English kitchen design idea

There are two variants of the English style kitchen – classic and country. A classic room is strict, concise and fine.

English kitchen design idea

As for a country one, it seems to be cozier, more home-like and less methodical. But at the same time it is sure to look solid, firm and respectable.

English kitchen design idea

Kitchen Layout

The kitchen interior accomplished in the English style is based on the principles of symmetry and functional zoning. The center of the room is usually occupied with a large table, round or oval; it may be used for cooking (especially if you’ll mount some hanging shelf above). The rest of the furniture and a big stove, oven or another corresponding unit are located against the walls.

English kitchen design idea

Of course, there must be much space to realize this design idea. And it is next to impossible to create a real English interior in a small room. The only way out is to combine two rooms, making a kitchen-dining area or kitchen-living one, but take into account if it is allowed in your region.

English kitchen design idea


When designing an Albion-like kitchen, choose the appropriate cabinets. It is almost half the battle. Remember that all the furniture must meet all the requirements of the style:

  • Looking respectable, durable and secure;
  • Being made of natural materials (natural wood (oak, walnut, pine, yew-tree) is used for facades, artificial or natural stone – for countertops);
  • Having the appropriate decor and fittings: artificial scrapes providing the effect of antiquity, intricate carving, cast metal handles;
  • Being run in quiet colors: The main idea is to save the natural wood texture. If painting occurs, the preference should be given to natural shades. Stainless steel sinks are just unacceptable. You should choose massive sinks made of artificial stone or ceramic.

English kitchen design idea

As for the price, the English style cabinets are traditionally referred to premium class.

Household Appliances

True English style doesn’t accept anything modern, and all the innovative devices of the current century should be placed so not catching one’s eyes.

A fridge and other huge kitchen appliances may be hidden behind wooden facades; small units may be located in the cupboards and drawers. One more interesting way out is to buy special equipment, made in the vintage style.

english style kitchen lighting

A traditional stove is replaced with its extremely bulky analogue or a special oven, used both for cooking and heating.

A range hood is often thoroughly masked, or in some cases being in the limelight it may have a symbolic character coupled with a stove.

English kitchen design idea


The finishing of a traditional English kitchen resembles some kind of a living room decoration. Ceramic tiles with pictures may be put only near sinks or stoves, and the other surface is covered with the wallpaper, imitating fabrics of traditional style colors, or with wooden panels.

English kitchen design idea

The kitchen floor may be either wooden (boards or laminate), or tiled. And, preferably, organize geometric patterns under you feet. For instance, it may be black and white tiles checker-wise. The carpet on the floor is typical of the British tradition.

It is advisable to finish the ceiling with plaster and color it with a bright paint. If desired, it may be decorated with special wooden beams. Of course, the kitchen design in the English style is not cheap, but it is well worth all the efforts!

English kitchen design idea

Important stuff

Your room would not be truly English, if not taking into account the following aspects.

Kitchen lighting should be traditional, without newfangled spotlights. Think about a classic massive crystal chandelier, a few lamps placed in different zones and some stand lamp for local soft light.

English kitchen design idea

The windows in the English style kitchen need curtains, decorated with tassels and swags. They usually consist of two layers: light transparent fabrics and heavy noble textiles.

English kitchen design idea

And the last but not the least idea is thought-out details: porcelain, copper, brass or ceramic utensils, wicker baskets, window plants or flowers in clay pots and other cute accessories.

English kitchen design idea

At the end enjoy watching a video about interiors accomplished in the English style.

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