Using Wenge Color in the Kitchen: Design Ideas

Kitchens in wenge are very popular among customers. And there is a completely logical explanation – the facades of this color may perfectly combine with aluminum frames and frosted glass.

Wenge kitchen design ideas

Besides, they are practically ideal for different styles. This shade matches different colors quite well.

Wenge kitchen design ideas

So look through the following design ideas and relevant images and make a decision if you wish a wenge interior.

Wenge kitchen design ideas

Why is it Worth Choosing Wenge?

Wenge is a rare and very valuable type of tropical tree growing in Africa. It is sure to be one of the best and this, perhaps, is acknowledged by all who have ever been faced with its extraordinary properties:

  • Strong structure: shockproof;
  • High resistance to fungi and pests;
  • Incredibly decorative colors, due to the texture and range (from golden-brown to dark-brown with black streaks);
  • Durability;

As you can see, the high cost of the material is completely justified. And yet, the alternative to natural wood is a production of wenge veneers.

Wenge kitchen design ideas

It is, in turn, applicable in decoration of kitchen (and other rooms as well) and cabinets manufacturing.

Wenge and Different Designs (Styles)

Wenge color happens to be very popular in modern interior. Although, it is worth remembering that when we are talking about the color and wood itself, we mean not one and the same thing.

Wenge kitchen design ideas

As you know, wenge (as wood) is very expensive. And in regard to a housekeeping area such as a kitchen, with constant moisturing and steaming, it is appropriate to use facades imitating wood species.

wenge kitchen

Kitchens in wenge color are always laconic and luxurious, and therefore truly created for admirers of beautiful housing. And, the most interesting point, in what styles is it advisable to use wenge?


Dark-brown color looks very expensive and luxurious in the interior. Moreover, the classic is known to keep parallel to the fashion. Taking a kitchen island with classical facades of wenge color, make your “culinary” space unique.

Wenge kitchen design ideas


Some certain simplicity of wenge suits the principles of minimalism perfectly, namely: pure forms, monochrome and a feeling of spaciousness. Nothing superfluous does clutter the space and natural materials are inherent in furniture, such as: glass, wood, steel.

Wenge kitchen design ideas

The lack of decor in the kitchen accomplished in minimalism compensates with the aesthetic texture of the dark wood.

Wenge kitchen design ideas

It stands to reason that the interior will be relevant for many years.


Do you want to give your kitchen individuality and efficiency? If you decide to create an ethnic interior, use wenge color without any doubt. This variant, due to the African origin of the tree, will make you and your guests admire the specific atmosphere over and over again.

Wenge kitchen design ideas

The motifs of different peoples all over the world will emphasize the subtlety of owners taste. To accentuate an ethnic note take an appropriate ornament on the splashback or bright rugs on the floor.

And may these ideas be useful for you!

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