Loft Style kitchen

Loft style kitchen – is a vanguard decision for those who love experiments.  «Loft» means  an attic. In the USA this word is used to call the upper room of storehouses. Initially, nonresidential premises were designed like this. Loft style was widely spread in America in the middle of the last century, when Americans started remaking neglected storehouses and factories into apartments and offices.

A loft style apartment does not usually suppose the division into rooms. All the space is divided into special zones separated from each other by means of different furniture, partitions or folding screens. In other words, a loft style kitchen is a room, which is combined with a living room or a dining room and is separated from them by some visual effects – a bar counter or a partition.

Small loft style Kitchen

loft style kitchenLoft style is also appropriate for small kitchens because the interior presupposes a lot of nonstandard designer ideas, e.g. bare bricklaying or a concrete wall, ergonomic design, unusual decor and color decision. Besides, a loft style kitchen is a kitchen with some utilitarian minimalism. Thanks to all these, the loft style helps to increase kitchen space.

In a small apartment the best decision is to combine a kitchen with a living room or a dining room. A small kitchen then can be put into an unsuitable corner and to present it successfully.  For example, a kitchen zone can be separated from a living zone by means of different floor covering.

Combining of old and modern styles, spaciousness and utility are distinctive features of the loft style.

Loft style kitchen – photo

loft style kitchen

Many designers think that a loft style kitchen is suitable only when all the interior of an apartment is made in the same style. We have prepared a set of photos to introduce you the interior of a loft style kitchen and to show how much this style fits you. Seeing is believing!.

The choice of your kitchen design is a very responsible question that requires careful preparations that’s why we wish you to manage it and find your unique style.

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