15×12 Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen space is the heart of any home, it is center of family life. That is why the 15×12 kitchen design should not only be beautiful and pleasant, but comfortable and practical. So you and your family should take into account some criteria: the right planning, layout, color palette, lighting and furniture. Our tips and photos will help you.

Different styles

If in your plans to arrange a rich spacious 15×12 kitchen in classic style in a countryside house, then the Victorian style is exactly what you need. In fact, this style can be called classical eclecticism, as it is possible to find in it the elements of Gothic, Classical, Eastern exoticism and other styles. Of course, to equip the kitchen in the Victorian style can be possible in a normal house, but only if its size is sufficient for this idea. Remember that the styles do not tolerate such stiffness, require space and high ceilings. Choose only natural materials such as wood, marble, glass and others because at that time there were no artificial materials.

Proper planning

The convenience of using kitchen in the first place is determined by its successful layout. You must think about it before the start of a design project planning. For example two-row planning means putting the two parts of the kitchen furniture set in parallel.  So must make all kitchen communication in right place. Corner kitchen is more rational and universal planning solution and especially for such large kitchen as 15×12. Your planning will depend on the amount of kitchen items and appliances that you need to build in the 15×12 kitchen design.

Choosing furniture

For such a multi-functional area as 15×12 kitchen, the choice of furniture is very important and responsible task. From the look of the facades of the kitchen cupboards, the image of the entire kitchen depends basically. Classical facades give the room a traditional look, glossy smooth doors bring notes of modernity in the interior. Light facades expand the size of the furniture set greatly, and bright colorful colors bring a festive mood. So, as you can understand kitchen furniture is also a subject of fashion trends as clothing or shoes.

Color palette

If you believe that the kitchen design in bright or unusual colors can lose its attraction or some time will go out of fashion, you should choose the basic color for your kitchen. Classic neutral tones can be a great variant in this case: beige, gray and brown shades will always be a “win answer” to the question what color to paint the kitchen. Moreover these colors are often used for wallpapers in the kitchen. For example, brown gives as a feeling of security and confidence. The color of nature, it sets a relaxed mood and is perfect for any room. It is combined with almost all possible colors of the rainbow, and especially good-looking with beige, gray, black, white, green and blue.


The light in the 15×12 kitchen must be able to adapt to the circumstances: sometimes be bright and intimate, cover all the space or be just dot. One of the variant is to choose lighting with dimmer switch and power control. Another is a lamp with adjustable height, which allows you to change the size and location of the lighted area.

20 Best 15×12 Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

If you don’t have any thoughts of design for 15×12 kitchen you can use ours! Look attentively at our photos ideas and choose the best variant for you!

Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea