15×13 Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

Kitchen is a place of work and leisurely cozy gatherings with tea and cake, the area of culinary feats and family rest. When you are going to change something in your 15×13 kitchen design you try to make something creative. The owners of kitchen 15×13 can begin with an idea and style. You are welcome to choose some interesting ideas how to make your design of your 15×13 kitchen from our tips and photos.

Different styles

Some people want to have special or unique decoration of their homes or rooms. That’s why they intense to choose something unusual for their 15×13 kitchen design. Ethnic style is among the most exotic styles, it is rare, because it has a definite character of various ethnic group. In our country, ethnic style is found in its expressions such as Japanese and Chinese styles, Indian, Scandinavian, Moroccan. Selecting a particular ethnic style means a reflection of the culture and special way of life. So you need to take the right materials, colors, items of decor. Naturally, household appliances in this kitchen will imitate the environment of some ethnic group.

Proper planning

In the kitchen there is working principle of the triangle that connects the tops of the three epicenters: sink stove and refrigerator. The distance among them can vary from three to six meters in length. To organize the kitchen as comfortable as possible, experts recommend to have these working elements in the form of a triangle, the apex of stove, sink and refrigerator should not be directly adjacent to each other. Some homeowners use single-row layout for such large areas if they want to remain as much space for a dining area as possible.

Choosing furniture

Kitchen furniture is also a question of fashion as clothing or shoes. According to many sellers of kitchen furniture, the most popular colors among customers and furniture stores are: white, dark walnut and cherry. The facade of the wooden lining natural color is a great option to create a warm and cozy home-like 15×13 kitchen design. This design will look harmoniously in all variations of Country style.

Color palette

The starting point of the kitchen interior design must be color. If you are going to buy bright color furniture, it is better to make the walls in calm, neutral colors. But monophonic and bright kitchen furniture set requires a more eye-catching, contrasting walls and the surrounding bright decor. For example purple is traditionally considered as mystical and soothing color. Purple furniture and kitchen items add some luxury in the design of your kitchen, and, like any other bright color, it will look great on glossy surfaces. Purple floor or carpet will look very elegant and unusual, but such design requires more attention to detail and impeccable taste.


Remember that appetite contributes a warm and soft light, but the cooking is better done with the maximum natural light. Some areas may be left in the shadows, for example a refrigerator and a dishwasher. Bright and remarkable chandelier over the table or kitchen island may add festive notes to your kitchen interior.

30 photos ideas kitchen design

If you don’t find any ideas of design for kitchen you can get ours! Look attentively and find at our photos the best variant for you!

Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea