20 Best 11×11 Kitchen Design Trends of 2019

Kitchen’s suitable and practical design, the elegant interior and the uniqueness are the compulsory things for many housewives. Our material can choose for you a special variant. Read about its advantages and disadvantages, and find suitable one on our photos. The kitchen of 11×11 is not very large so you can use different styles, layout, color palette, lighting and furniture.

Different styles

Choosing the style of decoration for the 11×11 kitchen design you should pay special attention to zoning your kitchen. Modern style has laconic forms and details, absence of superfluous elements. This is quite practical style of kitchen design. Appliances are usually built-in. The color scheme can be various, but it is better to use not more than three colors and observe the rules of harmony between them.

Proper planning

Angular layout is one of the most versatile types of planning that can use in the kitchen of almost any size, location in apartment or house. One advantageous embodiment of this type of kitchen layout is square shaped (or near square) kitchen of average size. If you follow the «triangle rule», the angular arrangement of kitchen planning, the householding appliances and storage cupboards are located along the adjacent walls, forming an ergonomic work area.

Choosing furniture

Choosing furniture for the 11×11 kitchen design is very responsible process but creative and interesting. It requires the compliance with many nuances that affect your comfort and convenience. It is important to observe the combination of kitchen furniture and dining area, they should be in harmony in color, decoration and materials. Therefore it is recommended to book the kitchen furniture parts in accordance with each other. Furniture items, from which you will collect your kitchen like bricks, are consisted of the separate elements, mobile units, the upper and lower cabinets. The upper and lower cabinets are in our kitchens for a long time, but modern versions are distinguished by their open shelves, glass doors and interior lighting. They are seemed to become easier and more «clear».

Color palette

The main direction of modern 11×11 kitchen design is environmentally friendly principle. The natural materials and their color imitation have won the first position. At the height of fashion is now any «tree color»: oak, walnut, ash, acacia and others. Do not give up to them different shades of coffee, gray and beige. Due to their naturalness these colors are not able to get bored quickly.


Much attention is paid to the lighting in small kitchens. Proper kitchen lighting, even for a small area is a multi-level lighting. One overhanging lamp, located in the center of the ceiling, does not solve the problem. Moreover it will create additional difficulties because doing cooking, you will stand back to the light source, and therefore the working area will be in the shade. In addition, the «central» lamp will illuminate well only the central zone, which is free, and a number of important areas, especially in the corners, will be darkened. Spotlights, built-in lights in all parts of the 11×11 kitchen are always used. The lighting can not only simulate the shape of the space, but also to change the color scheme of the interior.

Photos ideas of 11×11 kitchen’s design

If you don’t have any ideas for your kitchen, you can use ours! You are welcome! Look attentively at our photos ideas of 11×11 kitchen’s design and pick any variation you like.

Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea