20 Most Popular 12×12 Kitchen Design Ideas 2019

Suitable and useful 12×12 kitchen design, the elegant interior, the innovation are the compulsory things for many housewives. A small part of our photo collections, presented on our site, will help you to choose the color and style of your future kitchen, determine the materials, see the proposals of the most popular manufacturers of kitchen furniture and choose the best ideas. The kitchen of 12×12 is large enough so you can use different styles, layout, color palette, lighting and furniture.

Different styles

Many styles are trendy today. Provence style has deservedly gaining popularity during recent years, because its interior combines the ergonomic and compact features, which are important for small kitchens. The kitchen design in Provence style breathes with sophistication and elegance, these kitchens are created an atmosphere of harmony and comfort. The characteristic features of the style are the bright colors, the refined furniture and light floors, floral patterns, plant abundance, weightless curtains, large windows framed in delicate, porcelain tableware and decor. Furniture is always made of light wood with the addition of glass and metal. So the extraordinary charm and the magic of the design are combined in this French country style. It combines real French chic and the superiority. This cozy kitchen will be perfect for the lovers of family tradition.

Proper planning

Kitchen space is the heart of any home, the center of family life coordination. That is why the atmosphere in the kitchen should not only be beautiful and pleasant, but comfortable and practical. You should take into account a lot of criteria, among which are functionality, comfort and ergonomics of the room. Using 12×12 kitchen is determined by its successful layout. You must think about planning before the start of a design project. Thanks to the proper planning, your kitchen will be incredibly good-looking, fashionable, unique and practical, but you will need to pay more attention to cleaning.

Choosing furniture

One of the most popular and cost-effective variant for the production of kitchen units today is using panels with laminated surface. All door closers are equipped with door handles. At the bottom of the upper shelves there is bright illumination for working surfaces. The glossy surfaces are most practical as they are practically invisible for fingerprints and traces of water droplets.

Color palette

The design of any kitchen starts with an idea, which plays a key role, colors and shades. Nobody gets boring from bright expressive colors, but none of the color combinations have so mystical and fascinating look as black and white. It is good to play on the contrast of black and white: to increase or decrease the space or zone different areas on 12×12 kitchen. So this plan is as controversial as harmonious. Kitchen design, executed in black and white, strikes by its rigor, elegance and diversity.


Intense lighting with a neutral range of lamps will be required for high-quality cooking in the work area. The dining area lighting should look appetizing and enjoyable. For everyday meal soft light will be nice, and for a festive reception — a vivid and intense.

20 Photos ideas kitchens

If you don’t have any ideas for 12×12 kitchen design, you can use ours! You are welcome! Look carefully at our photos ideas of 12×12 kitchen’s design and choose any variation you like.

Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea