20 Most Popular 14×14 Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

Kitchen design in some unusial style is the perfect solution for 14×14 kitchen’s design. Well-situated design, the trendy interior, the uniqueness will help to make your kitchen more fashionable. You can choose for you a special variant in this article. The kitchen of 14×14 is big enough so you are able to use unusual styles, layout, color palette, lighting and furniture.

Different styles

How to decide what style of the kitchen would suit you? First of all, we should notice that there are no good and bad styles, fashionable and unfashionable. There are only the styles that are suitable for your character and way of life or not suitable for your lifestyle. Thus, if you have the bright and originality interior, you will have to change it quite often under the influence of fashion. If you do not plan such frequent changes, give preference to one of the quiet styles: Classic, Country, Art, Provence, Minimalism.

Proper planning

Kitchen 14×14 has stopped to be just a place for cooking and eating, now it is a real mini-club, the living heart of the house, where you can arrange a romantic evening with chamber music, chat with friends and relatives or just rest and relax. It is clear that in this case, the kitchen should be arranged as comfortable, practical, and functional as possible. You should do everything correctly and beautifully. Kitchen 14×14 design planning should be universal. Comforts of home and the convenience of working in the kitchen depend on the correctness of its functional zoning. In designing the 14×14 kitchen interior everything must fit exactly to your tastes, the routine and the rhythm of the day, your lifestyle and preferences. First of all, you should use every centimeter of living space. The kitchen is divided into three main areas of storage, cooking and washing. For the 14×14 kitchen design the corner planning is the ideal.

Choosing furniture

The kitchen-living room will look wonderful with bright furniture set. Without any doubts the color of dining furniture and countertops in the kitchen must have the same and in this case the interior will be fantastic. There are many extraordinary models of furniture for the 14×14 kitchen’s design: large massive or composite items as a rule have round shape that allowed creating you the sofa area.

Color palette

As everybody knows using different colors can affect a person’s appetite and taste perception of foods. For example, very positive and cheerful yellow kitchen in the morning will energize you on the whole day. Lemon, canary, mustard shades go perfectly with the strict dark colors. A yellow color on a white background looks even brighter and more spectacular. Of course you should keep in mind that even the bright and acid colors are more suitable for the furniture set or the kitchen staff. Canary, wheat and other light shades of yellow will look great on the walls. If your kitchen is located on the north side, the yellow curtains (and even painted window frame) will add warmth and coziness to your kitchen design.


There are three types of lighting in 14×14 kitchen’s design: general lighting in the centre of the kitchen, lighting above the resting zone and above the working area. You can use some floor-lamps near the sofa corner or in resting zone. However try to leave as much natural light as possible in your 14×14 kitchen design.

20 Most Popular Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

If you don’t know how to make your 14×14 kitchen design amazing, you are welcome! Look carefully at our photos ideas kitchen’s design and choose any variation you like.

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Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
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