20 Photo 13×13 Kitchen Design Ideas 2019

If you have 13×13 kitchen there are many interesting design ideas for it. You can find some of them in our article. Find for you an individual variant, read about its advantages and disadvantages, and get suitable designs on photos. All these are presented in this article. The kitchen of 13×13 is big enough so you can choose different styles, layout, color palette, lighting and furniture.

Different styles

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose one style to your 13×13 kitchen design. The term «eclectic» means «confusion», in fact, the kitchen in this style contains a combination of two or three styles, which combines color, texture and architecture. In general, the eclectic has a variety of different elements of décor and saturated colors. Its main features are: flexibility and softness of the forms. So the style has the convenience and comfort.

Proper planning

Thanks to the proper planning, your 13×13 kitchen design will be a very gorgeous, fashionable, creative and convenient. If your kitchen has a throughout space and at the same time a sufficiently large area, parallel planning would be ideal. Typically, in such case on one side there are a cooker and a sink, and in a parallel row — a refrigerator, home appliances and other storage cupboards. Impossibility of installing a dining table in the middle of the room is among the disadvantages of a parallel planning. But if your kitchen is quite big area, there is no such problem.

Choosing furniture

For such a multi-functional room as kitchen, furniture choice is a very important and responsible task. The level of comfort in the kitchen depends on how practical and convenient is furniture on your kitchen. Don’t forget about ecology and ergonomics features of the furniture and color stylistic decisions. The layout of the kitchen furniture set allows you to place the maximum number of storage cupboards and appliances in the kitchen area. If it is possible to install a kitchen island, you should choose a kitchen set with special dining table. Such an arrangement of furniture looks harmonious in kitchens of medium or large sizes.

Color palette

The color of the 13×13 kitchen interior becomes one of the top priorities during constructing and repairing. Scientists have shown that colors at our homes affect our mood and even appetite. Choosing a color scheme for the kitchen, it is necessary to consider not only their preferences but also the size of the room, its degree of illumination, the design of other rooms of your home and even the presence of children and pets. Orange kitchen is quite trendy nowadays. Just so it is often used in modern fast food. It goes great with a dark palette, which is «absorbing» its activity. Grey and white will play an excellent couple with orange. A modern orange kitchen, for example in the Scandinavian style, can be used with blue and green accents, where the light neutral tones serve as background.


You should also give a significant role to lighting, because it extends the space on you 13×13 kitchen. It is also very important to the working area. In order to place small accents and make the kitchen more spacious, you can use different elements of the LED lights.

20 Best Kitchens images in 2019

If you don’t have any ideas for design for your kitchen, you can use ours! You are welcome! Look attentively at our photos ideas of 13×13 kitchen’s design and prefer any alternative you like.

Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea
Kitchem laminate design idea