Kitchen Islands: Must-Have or Just Stuff?

When being busy with cooking you want to spend as little time and efforts as possible, isn’t so? That is why everything should be arranged in accordance with the ergonomic rules.

kitchen island design rules

The most important point is to have all the necessary utensils, appliances and what not at hand. So the design specialists advise to use the ‘Triangle Principle’ when locating kitchen devices. The three important corners are a fridge (or a working surface), a sink and an oven or a cook top.

kitchen island design rules

In this case you need only a couple of steps or movements to reach the necessary unit or perform any action. It is quite easy to plan all the zones in small kitchens, but if you have a spacious cooking area, just use a kitchen island and nothing will bother you.

Kitchen island idea

Kitchen Islands: Some Important Sense

There are several ways of achieving the desired result in organizing the kitchen space. One of them is to get a kitchen island. It is a detached (stood apart) large table, with a stove and sink embedded. Moreover, it provides quite a large working surface. If you like this design idea, we mean a combination of all these points; take into account that the sizes of the unit will be about 1200*1200 mm. But, in fact, there are a lot of models, having other measurements.

Kitchen island idea

Kitchen Islands: a Historical Note

In the course of history tables of this kind were used for cooking in the Old World. Later the idea has taken roots in America, where everyone looks forward to providing maximum comfort in the kitchen.

Nowadays the liking for a mentioned piece of furniture was revived by a German designer Otto Aicher. He specified a kitchen working zone as a workbench, available from any side for all the necessary culinary actions. This principle is used in every restaurant. The «Workbench of Aicher» became the top of the ‘kitchen triangle’.

Kitchen island idea

3 Main Advantages of Kitchen Islands

Your kitchen interior will shine in a new splendor after remodeling if you decide to set a fine island. It is sure to provide your area with the following excellent features:

  • An additional spacious room (the unit mentioned let a few people cook simultaneously, there seem to be much free place on the floor)
  • A contemporary stylish look
  • Comfortable usability (there is much place for storage inside)

Kitchen island idea

So if you are still skeptical of such an effective piece of furniture look through the photo designs given below. Aren’t they ingenious?

And what kitchen island design ideas do you like?