Lighting for the kitchen: the main selection criteria

Kitchen is one of the living areas, in which lighting plays a major role. Light is not only indispensable in the cooking process, but, with the right approach to the selection and installation, creates a unique appearance and comfort. In this article, relying on the advices of British designers, we will describe the basic rules for choosing lighting for kitchen and its variants.

First of all, planning renovation of the kitchen, you should understand that an electrician and all that for it will be laid at the first preparatory stage of repair, before the plaster of the walls and alteration of floor and ceiling. This is the basic rule, and subsequently change anything would be impossible.
In order to properly arrange lighting in the kitchen, you need to know in advance in which part of the room will be your working zone (zone for cooking), dining area (where a table will stand) and the area where you can make a creative mood, your «highlight». Based on this zoning, you can easily break the kitchen into areas of light and shadow, which will harmoniously fit into the interior.

The selection of lighting for the kitchen depends on such factors as ceiling height, total size and the presence or absence of natural light source (the window).Speaking about planning the budget for the installation of lamps, designers advise not to save, because it is required by the feature of the room, which should be divided into several zones.

The most time-consuming, but at the same time, a simple way of lighting is suspended ceiling, which provide the installation of a large number of light bulbs of different shapes, sizes and types of light that can be positioned around the perimeter of the room. Modern kitchen furniture offers a large selection embedded in various places bulbs, which also help to set the desired ration of light and shadow, leaving space for creativity. Let’s talk more about the choice of lighting for each of these zones of kitchen.

«Working» lighting

lighting for kitchenNo matter what kitchen you have, big or small, the lighting in the working area must be. And, above all, for security reasons, while preparing food. Exact lighting must be and no shadows, in the place where you cut or chop food, whether it is work surface in kitchen units, area near a sink or a special table for cutting. With the task of creating such light in the kitchen perfectly cope recessed light fixtures, completely hidden or slightly facing working surface, completely open are impractical, as they are very easily contaminated.

Recently, become increasingly popular, easy to use, touch lamps and fixtures. It’s all in their practicality. You don’t need to spin and look for ways to press a switch with dirty hands, just to hold your hand in the air in front of the sensor. The same type of lighting is ideal for interior surfaces of cabinets and drawers: the light turns on only when you open the door. With this light the search for the elusive spin or knife for cutting pizza is no longer fruitless.

The light in the dining area

lighting for kitchenIn the kitchens with open plan, where a dining area or bar is provided, you need a combination of different types of light, which includes a bright light for food and soft lighting for an afternoon «gatherings». Directly above the table you can put pendant lights height adjustment function, they will create adequate light during the meal, while wall lamps and built-in ceiling or in the elements of your kitchen cabinet lights will radiate soft, atmospheric glow needed to create the mood for a long conversation and relaxation. Experts advise to choose for the last variant of lighting white led lamp, the only way that the light from them was not cold, but warm. Also becoming increasingly popular in kitchens with open plan, using such lighting systems that allow you to adjust the intensity of light based on the situation. That is, you can mute it when you want to create a romantic atmosphere, or to strengthen during cleaning.

Creative lighting

The lighting, which does not pose any practical load, is especially important in kitchens with open plan, divided into specific zones, when by itself, this room does not have any functions where just preparing food. This room is more suitable for arranging parties, invitations, guests and just a romantic dinner. This leads to the fact that the light in this place must create an atmosphere of calm and comfort, delight both visitors and hosts. Therefore, the lighting here should be a decorative element that blends seamlessly into the surrounding space. For such purposes are perfect dimmable wall lights and built-in furniture creative lamps, and lamps mounted in ceiling and skirting boards, which create a special, soft glow, making the room literally immersed in the light and admire you and your guests.

Now many manufactures (e.g. «Philips», «LivingAmbience») serves to set the mood in the kitchens of such options, when you can choose the color you want for the desired zones and events: warm or cold, with the required ratio of light and shadow.

Other manufacturers (e.g. «Sensio») offer such lighting systems with remote control and memory function modes. So, you can choose different light colors, its rate of change, as well as backlight the level of intensity for the area of cooking.