Cork Flooring: Pros and Cons

Decorative features of the cork floor are quite wide. It may match any interior color scheme and be used in a kitchen design in different styles.

Kitchen cork flooring design ideas

It will look stylish and unusual almost everywhere. So run through the main advantages and disadvantages of this flooring, and at the end many inspiring photo ideas are given.

Kitchen cork flooring design ideas


  1. Installing the cork floor in the kitchen, you are sure to get rid of worrying about safety of cups, plates or glasses – they are certain not to be broken after the fall.
  2. Floor coverings made of cork are excellent heat insulators. If your apartment is located on the ground floor or there is any draft, feel free to choose the cork. It will be comfortable to walk barefoot, as the material instantly takes the temperature of your body.
  3. If your children are full of play and your pets are up there with them, cork flooring is your variant. This material is an excellent sound insulator. Perhaps, one of the best is.
  4. The cork doesn’t flame, but only chars. And it doesn’t emit any harmful substances.
  5. If to choose high-quality item, the floor won’t be slippery. Isn’t it important, especially in the kitchen?


Like any other floor coverings, the cork flooring has few disadvantages.

  1. The high price. Read more about it further. But in general, this type of material will be more expensive than laminate or linoleum. Besides, you’ll have to buy special glue for cork and polyurethane water-based varnish. The idea is that you’ll have to include into the budget all the expenses for pre-work.
  2. As experts note, the cork floor coverings are not protected against scratches. Of course, if you accidentally drop the knife or fork, it will not do any visible harm. But if your child scratches purposely the floor with something sharp or you carelessly move furniture with metal legs, or your pet is constantly sharpening claws, there will appear noticeable defects on the kitchen floor surface. However, they may be masked by adding a new layer of varnish on it.

Kitchen cork flooring design ideas

So if you’ve made up your mind to dress up your kitchen with cork flooring, enjoy topical photo designs given below.