Choose a chandelier for the kitchen

The most extraordinary solution for the kitchen is a large ornate chandelier. It may be the main reason for choosing a design for your kitchen. Chandeliers can not only decorate your kitchen, but to make the design unique, stylish and bright. The chandelier will be an amazing item and the final detail to your interior. How to choose a chandelier for the kitchen? What kind of chandelier is better to buy a particular interior? Let’s look at how to make the right choice when buying a chandelier for the kitchen or dining room.

The chandelier is one of the varieties of ceiling lamp, which is composed of several lamps. It is the most important difference from other illuminating devices. First you need to decide why you need a chandelier. To serves as a source of the light or to be as the decoration of your design. The main criterion when choosing a chandelier is the style in which the kitchen or dining room is made. Hence we can conclude that when you choose a chandelier for the kitchen or dining room, consider the furniture that will be used.

choose chandelier for the kitchenFor the kitchen, where used classical style, it is best to buy traditional chandeliers-pendants with backlights of crystal of different colors or transparent color.

If the design of your kitchen is Provence or Italian, then you are best to use forged chandelier with bulbs in the form of candles. For the kitchen, where is a country style, a great option would be the chandelier with pattern that will remind old silver or bronze.

If you dream about the kitchen, made in a modern style, then you are best to buy modern chandelier of an unusual shape, made of the best modern materials.

But designers give advice that it is better to show imagination and, of course, should listen to fashion trends. Dispensable is that moment when the chandelier is exactly the same style as the kitchen. Nowadays very popular style fusion, when occur a moment of combining elements of several styles. As an example, we can say that the chandelier made of crystal will look great in the kitchen, made in the style of hi-tech.

If you will play with contrasts, it would be a great option for your kitchen, which will be the envy of all your friends. Very impressive look of a classic chandelier made of the technological materials. Thanks to them you can achieve excellent results.

Place a chandelier in the kitchen

choose chandelier for the kitchenThe size of the chandelier depends on what height of ceiling in your kitchen is, and what size of the kitchen itself. If you have a low ceiling and small area, the lamp must be the most compact. For a small kitchen use small chandeliers with small plafonds, which create the effect, as if, they are «pressed» to the ceiling.

If the chandelier will be the main source of light, then it should be placed in the middle of the kitchen. However, you should remember that you will need additional lighting above tabletop of the dining room. The best option would be that when you hang the chandelier above the dining table. The most important thing to remember is that the light should not cut the eye, but wherein well elucidate this area.

If your home dining area is located in a separate room, it is best, over a large dining table to hang two compact chandeliers. Lighting will be distributed around the room evenly, and the interior of your room will be much more interesting.

If your kitchen and dining room are combined, it is desirable to buy two lamps, one for a dining room and the second hang above the bar.

Technical details usage crystal chandeliers

A great option for the kitchen is to use a switch, regulating the intensity of the light. The light level may depend on the mood and time of day.
In the chandeliers, which are made in accordance with the new technique, using three types of lamps:

  • Traditional incandescent lamp
  • Small halogen lamp
  • Energy saving lamp

Designers recommend use chandeliers with conventional incandescent lamps.They have a warmer and more pleasing to the eye color. The kitchen or dining room with this lighting looks more comfortable, and the food more tasty. Remember, when you choose a chandelier for the kitchen, you have to be pretty confident that it would be possible to find replacement bulbs that you will need.