A Corner Dining Set: a Fine Solution for Any Kitchen

Do you like having dinner in a comfortable friendly atmosphere? Take a corner dining set, you will save much space and create an excellent unique kitchen nook.

Corner Dining Set design idea

When choosing a corner dining set take into consideration all the necessary measurements. There is no sense in trying to squeeze a luxury unit with a huge sofa and many stools in a small kitchen. It would disturb your moving along the room and slow down a culinary process.

Corner Dining Set design idea

Moreover, its large size is not a guarantee of comfort. In a word, this piece of furniture should fit the working area. And there should be a distance of about 50 cm between the backrest and the edge of the table.

Corner Dining Set design idea

Design specialists advise everyone to locate the corner dining set somewhere away from a fridge, sink, stove and the entrance door as well. Speaking about the material, they give the wood the first place in the rating list. And that is much safer than any synthetic stuff.

6 Characteristics of a Fine Dining Set

What moments should you pay special attention to?

  1. The filler must be of high density.
  2. The couplers and fasteners (and other fittings) must be of good quality.
  3. All the materials used must be durable.
  4. There must be no cracks or other mechanical damage on the unit.
  5. The upholstery must be carefully pinned.
  6. All the surfaces must be smooth (unless otherwise required due to the design style).

choose corner dining set

One more advice to be given by the specialists concerns the upholstery, its texture, color and material. Frankly speaking, simple uncovered surfaces go well with interiors of villas or country houses. Mostly, there are to be some soft part for the seat being quite comfortable.

The most expensive and luxurious variant is genuine leather. It is moisture and dirt proof, low-maintenance, produced in a wide color palette. Sometimes, such design seems to be slightly formal, but rich warm shades neutralize the impression.

Corner Dining Set design idea

If you like leather gloss but there is some pressure for money in your budget, give the preference to high-rated imitation leather, which is practically indistinguishable of the natural one.

The next popular variant is fabrics with different synthetic fibers. They are practical, easy-to-clean, hypoallergenic and also dirt and moisture resistant. For instance, microfiber doesn’t lose colors for a long time. A pile fabric (plush or velour) is very attractive but it needs some special care.

Corner Dining Set design idea

One of the best upholstery designs is replaceable cushions with covers which are easy to be taken off and cleaned in a standard washing machine.

Corner Dining Set Design Ideas

When choosing an appropriate variant, remember the following points.

  1. There are two main types of corner sets – left and right.
  2. Some models have easily-moved sections, other ones are monolithic.
  3. Manufacturers offer sets of various forms and “fillings”.

choose corner dining set

If you need some unusual item, you may get it customized or find a ready-made solution. For instance, a U-shaped set installed in a wall niche.

Corner Dining Set design idea

In addition, on the market there are not only sofa-table suites but units with stools, chairs, benches and whatnot as well. Another excellent option is availability of built-in storage sections where one may put various utensils, supplies and necessary kitchen things.

Corner Dining Set design idea

There are both sliding drawers and boxes under seats. The main point to remember is that your corner dining set should match the whole kitchen design.

We hope this information will be useful for you and now it’s high time to watch some photo design ideas of kitchen corner sets.

And what interior solutions do you like most of all?