Choosing the right kitchen tabletop

When buying a kitchen set is very important to guess at the top. After all, the table cover, or top, as it is professionals call, should be not only strong, durable and hygienic, but also beautiful.

Modern kitchen tabletop is a special plate, which rests on the stands. Its foundation is plywood. And the properties and appearance of the top defines a facing material. Today, for the decoration of the front of the tabletop use a variety of materials. The most common ones are plastic, wood, metal, artificial and natural stone.

The thickness of the tabletop can be different: from two to six centimeters. The length and shape of the kitchen top depend on the configuration and dimensions of the headset. Standard width equal to the depth of the cabinets and is 60 centimeters. However, many people order the top a little wider (up to 64 cm), so as not to cling to the protruding handles.

Materials for facing tabletops can be divided into two groups: natural and artificial.