How to update old kitchen furniture: replacement facades

Need to make big budget redesign? Replace the old facades to the new! It is not only the most radical, but also the most expensive way to update old kitchen cabinets, but it will cost much cheaper than buying a new kitchen set. If you have a modular kitchen or a model that is still popular, to buy ready-made facades will not be difficult. For exclusive and out of fashion models kitchen sets will be necessary to produce the facades on the individual order, it is enough firms providing similar services today. Ordering the facade, you can choose for your kitchen not only the original design, but also the best material in the ratio «price-quality». Economy options: low-cost wood (usually pine), chipboard, plastic. A more solid piece of clothing: the facades are made of MDF and an array of precious wood.

 update old kitchen cabinets

Installation of new kitchen facades can be outsourced to experts who will be in the same company, which was engaged in their manufacturing, or install them yourself. To do this, remove the old doors by unscrewing the screws and fixing hinges. The finished doors and the front wall of boxes in the stores are usually sold in raw form, so you have to lick them into shape, using standard circular drill of diameter 35 mm. Having drilled new holes for hinges, fasten the door to the walls with screws. Ready! Modern cabinets are assembled easily and quickly. Anyone who has ever had to deal with home repairs, successfully cope with the installation of new facades.