10 Important Rules of Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation is a troublesome and expensive occupation. However, it is possible to find some considerable reserves to make it less money-losing. These tips for kitchen renovation will help you to save a decent amount of money without detriment of the quality and to make all your design ideas real.

KItchen renovation design ideas

Choose the right time for a kitchen renovation

It is not a secret that the cost of renovation services change within a year. The highest prices for their work the repairmen set in August-September traditionally. The lowest prices occur to be in winter. By the way, the same situation concerns prices for materials.

Kitchen renovation ideas

So if you have planned a great kitchen renovation and are going to make some savings, it will be the most reasonable to organize it in the autumn-winter period. In addition, in this time there are a lot of chances to take advantage of holiday discounts and special offers that many companies do by New Year and on March 8.

Starting a kitchen renovation, clearly establish priorities

What are obvious disadvantages of your kitchen? What do you want to eliminate in the first place? What repairing works are essential and what can be postponed – in case if available funds will remain? What operations should be done at ones and what can be stretched in time and accomplished later? Taking into consideration all the mentioned ideas, we will make a phased plan of the renovation.

Kitchen renovation ideas

Experts in design and remodeling advise to create two versions of budget here – an economical one (if the sum is limited strongly) and another optimistic variant (if you will be able to get additional funds). As the experience shows, the true cost of your renovation will be somewhere in the middle. It is very important to provide reserve amount for emergencies. They will definitely happen.

Make a detailed plan of kitchen renovation

When planning a renovation you are to «think» on paper. It is important to write everything down, even the most obvious and minor operations. In this case, you won’t forget anything, and will be much less stressed.

Kitchen renovation ideas

Consider the sequence of repairing works in the kitchen very carefully. What can be combined and carried out in parallel, in order to save money and time maximally? What can you do independently, and for what, in any case, you will have to invite a repairman? A fine idea is to make dismantlement independently, it means, to remove old wallpapers in the kitchen, knock wall and floor tiles down, take floor skirting away, and remove old paint from windows and doors as well. This will be sure to provide you with decent savings.

kitchen renovation

However, professionals in design and remodeling confirm unanimously that there are things, economy on which may result in even greater expenses. In the first place, the engineering communications – electrical wiring and switch sockets, pipes and plumbing, and also making flooring for the kitchen. They may be entrusted only to competent experts with a license and warranty, but not to repairmen who «charge little».

Kitchen renovation ideas

There is no point to save expenditures organizing main donkey work during the renovation, for example, leveling walls and floor. It is better to buy wallpapers for the kitchen and linoleum of a medium price, and then you will be able to replace them with some expensive counterpart.

Look for hidden reserves

Organize a brainstorming session when planning a kitchen renovation – invite your friends and relatives and think over the idea of what should be done in your room. Perhaps, any of them will be able to help you to do some work.

Kitchen renovation ideas

Someone has got a friend in a building shop, who may offer you a decent discount. And another person will be able to recommend you an excellent tiler.

Keep records of the kitchen renovation cost

Having calculated the approximate amount of required materials, you should set up a special notebook. You will use it when visiting building material stores or markets, or their online equivalents. Write down all the prices for everything you need, and specifies all the alternatives.

Kitchen renovation ideas

Perhaps, some sales manager would offer you an option better than it was originally planned. The main thing – don’t be afraid of asking a lot. Such persistence will certainly be rewarded.

Think far in the future

When choosing design materials for the kitchen renovation you should consider what will be the most beneficial in the long term prospect. It is better to overpay now, focusing on the quality of finishing materials and new economical technologies. And they will surely serve for a long time.

 costs of kitchen renovation

For instance, energy-saving light bulbs last longer and allow you to save energy, in spite of being significantly more expensive than conventional incandescent bulbs. Sometimes the usage of higher quality materials allows achieving excellent effect with less effort. You can also save on the wall alignment, if to cover them with textured wallpaper. They appear to mask small wall irregularities.

Reduce the costs of kitchen renovation

It is better to buy materials in one store. In this case, you may get a descent discount. By the way, if kitchen renovation and finishing will be made by some serious company, you are certain to take part in a discount program concerning the purchase of materials. Quite often such organizations establish a deal with major suppliers of different goods, affording discounts for their customers.

Recheck the cost card

If the amount offered by repairmen seems to you unreasonably high you may recheck them with the help of professionals. If you have no idea of who could help you among the acquaintance, the audit of repair documentation may be made by some organization engaged in the verification of estimates. Such services are featured by specialized companies or building firms as well.

Kitchen renovation ideas

These additional sums are quite reasonable, if you are planning a very large-scale kitchen renovation. You should buy all the materials by yourself. If you trust it to repairmen, it will be harder to control the real costs.

Reduce renovation risks

Poorly performed remodeling may cause a lot of problems and lead to additional costs, waste of time and money. Therefore, design and building experts strongly recommend the following thing. When starting a large-scale renovation work, be sure to conclude the contract with the repairmen – both company and private traders.

It spells out all types of work, pitfalls, deadlines and sanctions in case of obligation violation. This is, perhaps, the most reliable insurance against unfair repairmen and a real way to save nerves and money.

Limit terms of kitchen renovation

Rigidly established terms of the renovation also help to achieve financial savings. During quite a long process more and more new ideas appear, and it becomes easy to get out of the complied estimate. There is only one way to deal with this: to set a deadline to each stage of work – the deadline for its completion, and rigidly adhere to it.

And we hope that these rules and photo design tips help you to transform your room in a perfect way.