The advantages of countertops made of artificial materials

In the production of popular laminate tops used the technology of facing chipboard with plastic: at first, plate is covered in several layers with kraft-paper, impregnated with synthetic resins then follows the decorative layer with pattern and the top covers protective coating of transparent melamine and acrylic resins. It is protective layer gives to the surface of the kitchen table durability and heat-resistance, protects from scratches, as well as the harmful effects of detergents, food acids and solvents. However, vinegar, wine, coffee, etc. should immediately be wiped from the table with a damp rag. Otherwise you can get spots. But strong acid solutions are very harmful to the laminate, because they cause turbidity of the surface of the top. The main drawback of laminate countertops is that under the influence of moisture, chipboard swells and deteriorates. So, careless usage can cost too expensive.

countertops made of artificial materialsIt should be noted that prices for laminated tops are quite democratic. Thus, linear meter of high quality chipboard, covered with plastic, costs 25 euros. Often these tops you can find in building supermarkets and markets in the form of plates with rough sides and rear edges. Therefore, before installing the top end surfaces need to paste special melamine tape (from 1 to 3 euros per meter). For the designer laminated top is a real godsend, because the decorative layer of the laminate may have any pattern, from the imitation of natural materials to the hilarious pictures and photos.

Serious advantages of artificial stone it is resistance to shock, does not absorb moisture and impermeable to bacteria. The surface of this material is easy to clean ordinary soap and water, and even in case of strong pollution does not require the use of special tools, abrasives or solvents. However, on the tops of acrylic stone leave marks from hot pots and pans (to avoid damage of this kind in the working surface specially cut strips of metal, which protect it from accidental contact).

countertops made of artificial materials

Another advantage of acrylic stone is seamless bonding. The individual elements of the top are connected to each other without formation of visible seams, which gives the product of any complexity appearance of monolith. Among the wealth of textures of artificial stone are found as plane and simulation under granite, quartz, sandstone, that allows you to use this material in a variety of interiors from classic to hi-tech style. By the way, seamless bonding gives the opportunity to resolve serious damage of countertops, leaving no marks of repair.

For the production of kitchen tops use sheets of acrylic stone with thickness of 12 mm. Billet of stone paste on solid chipboard or on a special frame, and then attach decorative border, parietal skirting.