The countertop made of natural stone

The countertop made of natural stone is not also cheap. You will have to pay no less than 300 euro per a linear meter. Specific price is set based on the value of the initial billet, the square of the processed surface, the length of the edges, presence of openings for installing a sink or built-in appliances.

Make kitchen tops of the so-called slabs – the stone plates with a thickness of 2-3 cm. The most popular today hard rock stones granite and basalt. Marble (especially unpolished) is rarely used, as it absorbs moisture and «doesn’t like» household chemicals. But if you want, if revenue allows you become a happy owner of the exclusive countertop from this beautiful material…

natural stone countertop

Perhaps the only drawback of these beautiful and durable stone countertops (except price, of course) is when you corrupt it, it cannot be recovered. Of course, chips or scratches you can try to disguise with wax pencil the same color as the top. However, the natural beauty will not return… However, despite this, natural stone more common in the kitchens of inhabitants of Kiev. Moreover, in our country established manufacturing and mining stone processing.