Wooden countertops: key benefits

Wooden countertops are made from plated shields (glued planks of solid wood). The edges of these tops milled, and all surfaces are covered with transparent oil of deep penetration. Moreover, according to experts, one coat of oil is not always enough if the surface is rough.

The cost of kitchen top depends on what wood is used for its manufacturing. Expensive species are beech, alder, walnut, cherry (from 120 to 240 euro per 1 linear meter), slightly cheaper oak (100-120 euro per 1 l. m.) and larch (65-95 euro per 1 l. m.). But the top of the exotic woods can afford not everyone. For example, Araputanga costs 380 euro per 1 l. m., Venge 540 euro per 1 l. m.

Designers say that a well-chosen wood top is a real decoration of the kitchen in country or modern styles. However, on that countertop you cannot put hot dishes (in this case it is better to buy a special stand).It is recommended to wash wooden countertops with mild soap and scratches can be removed by using special oils and polishing wipes (they are sold in specialty stores).