Best Tranformer Tables: Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

There is too little space to maneuver in a small kitchen. Each centimeter here is worth its weight in gold. To install a dining table into the interior occurs to be a real problem. And if you face such a situation, transformer tables are sure to come to your aid.

Kitchen Transformer table ideas

Today we offer two interesting variants of dining tables for a small kitchen. Enjoy photo tips and design ideas given below.

Transformer Table: the First

A simple wooden table on wheels looks quite large, but, anyway, it is possible to have dinner with comfort, to work or to be engaged in some handiwork here. However, despite its apparent simplicity, this table appears to have a special secret.

Kitchen Transformer table ideas

It consists of two self-contained and functional parts. The design specialists are ensuring that there are a few advantages of using this item in a small kitchen.

In a folded form it consists of two narrow countertops, which may be easily hidden under a shelf or put along the wall. Thus, they can be used as additional surfaces. The laterals serve for both convenient disposition of the table and its easy moving.

Kitchen Transformer table ideas

Besides, they may be used for towels and napkins, in order to place them at hand. Under the countertop a little hook is attached, different bags and other things can be held here. Due to the fact that this transformer table is a bit higher than a standard unit, it can serve as a bar counter.

Kitchen Transformer table ideas

Therefore, in the combination with this variant you should use high bar chairs or stools.

Transformer Table: the Second

The second model of the furniture discussed is less intricate, but not less functional. It is perfect for a small kitchen or a kitchen corner in a studio, where there is quite a limited area. Such folding mini transformer table is mounted on the wall.

Kitchen Transformer table ideas

In any moment it may be lowered, making a precious additional room. Despite its small sizes, two persons may take place here without trouble. It is better to pick up the same folding-chairs, when folded they occupy not so much space in a small kitchen.

Kitchen Transformer table ideas

Here is some more sources of inspiration. What variant do you like best of all?

And at last welcome to watch video tips on how to create a DIY folding table: