7 Genius Ideas for a Small Kitchen: Let’s Create Comfort!

Kitchen is the place to spend so much time there, and we practically must organize everything in the most convenient way. It is wonderful if there is a huge space for cooking, isn’t it? But what should we do if it is small? The best way out is to place all the things rationally. And here is some genius design ideas for a small kitchen just below. Use them and enjoy comfort!

  1. In order to have more space in the kitchen carry away a fridge or a dinner table, or both of them to another room. Thereby, the area discussed becomes a place for cooking only.
  2. Make a list of all the NECESSARY appliances, indispensable for every day use. Frankly speaking, one can easily manage without a dishwasher. If you need it anyway, welcome to locate it, for instance, under a sink. You may also use its upper surface as a countertop.
  3. Be ready to purchase combined household units such as food processor, it contains blander, juicer and meat grinder.
  4. Use windowsills. They may serve as small tabletops or there may be a built-in sink inside.
  5. Corners and angles are also good friends in enlarging the kitchen space. You may choose a stove or a special cupboard for this kind of lay out.
  6. Various lockers and open shelves are the next genius idea for a small kitchen. Designers underline that it is an excellent interior solution for visual kitchen widening.
  7. Take note of retractable grids, sliding mechanisms and what not. Use some unique DIY designs for locating dishes or pans at your lockers doors.

And this is just the beginning of creating a comfortable kitchen. Other tips and photo ideas of planning kitchen design you may find on this website. Choose the most suitable variants for you and be sure — your kitchen is the best!

By the way, don’t you want to share your own unique findings concerning the topic discussed?