5 Useful Tips on How to Rearrange a Small Kitchen

The main problem people face during remodeling is the lack of free space. In fact, the kitchen must be convenient and practical, containing all the things necessary for cooking. So we’ll offer some advice concerning room organization.

Small kitchen rearrangement idea

  1. Choose what appliances and furniture must be at hand. You may need a fridge and at the same time dispense with a dish-washer freely. The mostly required equipment is a countertop for cooking, a stove and a sink, a few storage units (lockers, drawers, boxes or whatnot) for kitchenware and products.
  2. After making the list begin planning the placement. It would be better to draw it (on the paper or in the computer file). Take into consideration all the measurements and real sizes, observe the scale.

Small kitchen rearrangement idea

And here is a few actual useful tips concerning furniture placement:

  • If it is obligatory to buy a fridge, choose a horizontal model. In this case you’ll get a nice opportunity of attaching a countertop or making some working surface onto it.
  • Use angles in the most effective way. At first, give the preference to a corner sofa with some drawers inside. Or, for instance, get a fine kitchen cabinet with angle elements.
  • You may organize your kitchenware with the help of DIY sliding panels.
  • Buy a compact folding table or a Pembroke model. It takes less place, and, what is more comfortable, may be moved to another room if necessary.
  • Use your windowsill to the full, not only as a flower stand, but as a part of a tabletop.

Small kitchen rearrangement idea

These simple kitchen design ideas are sure to increase free space. Just don’t be afraid of any experiments and don’t clutter up your cooking area. Buy only necessary appliances and utensils. And at last some inspiration:

If you have other useful tips or ideas welcome to share them! And good luck in planning your kitchen!