Cabinets as Kitchen Space Savers: Best Ideas

When you have a small kitchen, it is not an easy matter to choose the furniture fitting well the design set without «cutting» the space. It is difficult twofold for owners of rooms of some irregular or elongated shape.

Cabinet space saver ideas

After all, to arrange everything in a square area is much easier. So today we will talk about how to select the cabinets and accessories to use the available space as effectively as possible.

Cabinet space saver ideas

  • One of the popular approaches is to take only built-in appliances and hide them behind the facades of the cabinets. It must be said, household devices designed for installation are more compact; they need less space than a standard cooker with an oven and a conventional microwave. In addition, they may provide you with a supplementary horizontal surface, so to arrange a comfortable working area.
  • For a small kitchen it is a good idea to buy cabinets with simple smooth facades, free of decorations. The best variant is to order an individual design project, taking into account all characteristics of the room. In this case, all the kitchen modules are sure to fit the available space perfectly.
  • One more practical advice is to make the best use of the angular areas. Cabinets manufacturers offer a lot of good items of this kind. Specially designed angular modules, equipped with retractable and roll-out storage systems, will provide you with sufficient place for convenient keeping of pots and various kitchen utensils.
  • The next small kitchen solution is special drawers for corner space. The exterior facades look quite traditionally, however, inside an angular part of the cabinets there is a special system providing you with capacious drawers.
  • For top drawers of the cabinets are preferable doors, rising vertically upwards with the help of special lifts and visually saving precious space.

kitchen cabinets space savers

It is worth noting that modern ergonomic kitchen accessories of fine quality are not cheap, increasing the whole cost of the furniture. However, the specialists underlines that such systems will become your best investment. It will get regained many times; the main idea here is that it becomes much more convenient to use the “cooking room”. So for a small kitchen with every free inch of space to be valued, it is better to save expenditures on the finishing and decorative elements, and to invest in the right equipment.

Cabinet space saver ideas

And at the end we’d like to introduce to you a photo selection of the cabinets designed for small areas.